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Mark Group has been the UK leader in energy efficiency for the last 40 years in the UK market.

We’ve established our business around helping the nation to use less energy, lose less energy through the walls of their property with Home Insulation and generate more through renewable technologies such as solar power.

We have recently become part of SunEdison – the global leader in the ever growing renewable and energy market. This is a powerful partnership creating an exciting opportunity to build on our existing energy efficiency business and to grow into the UK photovoltaic market, becoming the leader in household energy saving solutions. 

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With offices in 17 locations and a workforce of over 1,300, Mark Group is a company that has made a huge impact on reducing the nation’s energy bills, power usage and helped the generate energy for over 40 years. We need to find committed, hard-working individuals who want to become an integral part of a successful company and want to be rewarded accordingly.

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We are proud of what we have achieved in the last 40 years and strive to better ourselves year on year. Our unique family culture, coupled with our challenging goals, sets us apart from other organisations.

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