Timber Frame and Warm Roof Insulation

timber frame and warm roof insulation.There are many construction cost-benefits for builders in timber-frame housing. Also, as housing densities become more crowded, builders are increasingly incorporating bedrooms into roofs or increasing the number of floors. Both these non-standard types of house construction require specialist insulating skills which are different to dwellings of traditional construction and layout. The Mark Group has a steadily growing dedicated team of highly skilled installers who carry out this type of work.

Glass fibre insulation material manufactured specifically for use in timber frame houses is placed between studs and held in position with polypropylene netting stapled securely to the timber. This work is undertaken only after the first fix has been completed. The electrical and plumbing services already in situ are catered for as the insulation is fixed into position. Following this the entire stud is provided with a vapour barrier. Each dwelling is then individually inspected and certified by the Local Authority or the NHBC before any further work is carried out to the walls of the property.

When bedrooms are constructed within the roof areas the resultant non-standard lines of the roof require careful consideration. Products such as polyisocyanurate boards are cut to shape and size on site and friction-fitted into non-standard stud areas and sloping ceilings. Glass fibre insulation quilt secured above netting is installed to horizontal areas which are then later sealed up by the builder. All these non-standard designs are individually handled by installers working within the narrowest time slots available to them within the construction process.The Timber Frame and Warm Roof Department also installs insulation to buildings other than dwellings, such as school, offices and warehouses.