Loft Insulation

Our specialist loft insulation teams place loft insulation quilt into traditional pitched roofs. As depths of insulation have increased in recent years so the expertise and attention to detail necessary to carry out satisfactory work has increased. Our installers are all trained to the highest standards so that whether material is being installed into the roof for the first time or topped up over existing insulation the work is carried out quickly, competently and with the minimum of disruption.

The Group installs high quality glass fibre quilt supplied by international manufacturer Knauf. All installing technicians are trained at the Group Training Centre at Leicester Head Office.Within the corporate sector the insulation material is installed in buildings under construction as each site progresses. Many large nationally-known building contractors use the Group on an on-going basis.

The Group also carries out large scale installations to existing houses owned by Local Authorities and Housing Associations.In recent years the Government has encouraged private householders to install loft wall insulation through funding schemes administered by Agencies such as the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and the Energy Action Grants Agency (EAGA). Public Utilities such as Electricity Companies and British Gas have also promoted large scale subsidised installation schemes. The Mark Insulations Group is one of a small select group of installers whose experience and standards of performance enable them to participate in these schemes.